Quality Policy

Ensuring that you receive industry-standard quality.

Catten Industries Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company, specializing in precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating and assembly for a variety of different Industries.

The main industries include but are not restricted to the following; Electric/Power, Electronics, Building, Transport, Point of Sale, Heating & Air-conditioning, Shop-fitting, Lighting, Security and Data communications.

Catten are a quality sheet metal manufacturer and supplier including Contract manufacturing for a variety of different customers.

Established since 1994, Catten Industries have a range of specialsed inhouse machinery and equipment for processing quality metalwork to meet customer specification and needs.

Catten has enjoyed a steady growth of business operations and client base and with the latest specialised management software, we can control all aspects of your work from concept to completion.

Catten Industries aim is to continue to be at the forefront in Sheet metal supply and manufacturing in Australia/Asia. We plan to do this by being fully transparent with customers and suppliers and providing communication to customers and suppliers, to ensure that Catten deliver a quality product on our agreed delivery commitment.

We plan to be an industry leader by understanding our customers’ products and service requirements and developing and improving ways to consistently meet the needs of our customer base at the most competitive pricing, using our experience and best/most economical method of manufacture.

Catten is committed to safe work practices and complying with statutory and regulatory requirements, including having a “green” policy and awareness of our impact on the environment.

To achieve the above goals in an environment or quality awareness and safe work practices. We have implemented our Quality Management System conforming to AS/NZS ISO 9001.

Catten Management is committed to maintaining this quality system and will regularly review it to improve its effectiveness in meeting customers’ and stakeholders’ needs.