With in-house capabilities, controlling quality, lead-times and delivery. A one stop shop, providing Sheetmetal Solutions from Concept to Completion.

Constantly Future Proofing Our Services

Catten Industries have in-house capabilities and mature MRP/ERP Systems that allow us to control quality, lead-times, and delivery. Constantly looking for opportunities to upgrade and automate areas, Catten Industries stays on the forefront of Sheet metal manufacturing and development with long-standing employee relationships, ensuring a consistent, quality product.


Working with our experienced Engineers through the use of Solidworks, we are able to provide 3 dimensional drafts and models of any design you require. We have the ability to program to our machines to import files from Solidworks using our machine programming software package (Radan), ready to manufacture. Read More


Our experienced Engineering team has hundreds of combined years in Sheetmetal and Metal Fabrication, knowledge and know how. Read More

Laser Cutting & Metal Shearing

Our laser cutting capabilities range from (1.5M x 3M bed), complementing our three Turret Punch Machines and Guillotine with both Bandsaw/Brobo cutting capabilities. We also punch, shear and cut varying thicknesses and materials including but not limited to: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium & Brass/Copper Sheet, Rod, SHS, RHS, Tube and Angle. Read More

Folding/Brake Pressing, Rolling/Swaging Metal Stamping

We utilise a variety of (eight) CNC Brake Presses to ensure the accurate and efficient forming of products into various shapes and sizes with the capabilities to fold metal products with complex angles and tapers.
Read More

Fastener Insertion

Catten have a number of insertion machines including auto feed capabilities, enabling accurate and speedy insertion of captive fasteners and stand offs into products. Read More

Metal Finishing

Our finishing include but are not limited to: Powder coating (In house), wet spraying ext, screen printing ext, plating, anodizing ext, galvanizing ext, oven baking, chrome ext, nickel or zinc plating ext. Read More

Turrets, CNC Punching & Forming

Fully equipped with the well maintained CNC Punching machinery including Strippit, Amada and Finn-Power Turret Punch machines, with a large library of tooling, providing the forming and accuracy required to achieve specifications while keeping unit costs to a minimum. Read More

Welding & Dressing

When it comes to welding and dressing, we cut no corners. With numerous welding bays available, Catten has the capability to manually MIG, TIG, Spot-weld, Grinding, Sanding, Dressing and Robot Welding and Finishing of welded parts. We also take the care to deburr and polishing, prior to finishing your product. Read More

Powder Coating

We offer internal powder coating solutions, both large batch oven and automated conveyor line systems are available with a range of colours and textures to achieve the required protection. Read More

Product Assembly, Packaging and Deliveries

Packaged goods suitable for local, interstate or overseas shipment. Whichever your preferred method, Catten has the capability. Limited but not exclusive to: stretch wrapping, bubble wrap, air or sea freight packs, crates, stillages or pallets for local shipment. Read More

Our Partnerships and Affiliations